Friday, May 27, 2011


StarcrossedStarcrossed by Josephine Angelini

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The only thing I know about “Starcrossed” before I started reading it is that Greek mythology will play a big role in the story. So basically I am clueless on what or how the story will goes. And I found myself amazed on how the story was presented.

Helen was living her simple life in an island of Nantucket. Her mother abandoned them and she is living with her father. She knows that she is different and she is trying her best to hide it. When the Delos family transferred to Nantucket from Spain, everything in her life becomes complicated. And soon Helen will discover an unbelievable truth about herself.

Helen and Lucas attraction is not a typical love at first sight type. In fact the first time they saw each other, hate and fury overwhelms them. I am so fascinated by the deadly tension between the two of them. So enticing, sexy and delicious…

The characters are so remarkable. They played a big role in the story. I personally liked Claire (Helen’s best friend), she is stubborn and spunky and she loves Helen so much. I love how she tested Helen’s abnormality when they are young, so hilarious. Her bickering with Jase is so funny. I don’t know why but aside from Lucas, I also liked Hector. He is a bully one but yet there is an unexplainable compassion within him.

I simply loved the plot of the story. The prophecy that somehow involves the forbidden romance between Helen and Lucas and their destiny. The conflict and ancient blood feud between the Four Houses. The demigods or the Scions, and the betrayals. The spin on Greek mythology is so enchanting. The only complained that I have for this story is the ending, oh what a sad, sad ending… I truly love this book and I can’t wait to devour the second book in this series…

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