Tuesday, August 2, 2011


ForgottenForgotten by Cat Patrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ratings: 4.5 stars

Forgotten is the most memorable and intriguing book that I’ve read so far. Who wouldn’t be intrigue? London Lane can see her future in flashes but she can’t remember her past. That alone arouses my curiosity. And Cat Patrick didn’t disappoint. London’s life captivated me so much, the story is so realistic. It is kind of similar to the movie “50 first dates” wherein Drew Barrymore loses her memory. Yes it is similar but the uniqueness of this story is how London can see her future. And who would ever forget Luke, who endured everything for London. Every day he surprises London with his simple acts, like bringing coffee and stuffs every morning. You will be surprised how sweet and wonderful Luke is at the middle of the story. Oh! I want my own Luke too!

I am engaged and enthralled in the story that it actually left me breathless for quite awhile. Words are not enough to explain how awesome this book was. I so love it. It is definitely an engaging read that I will revisit sometime soon.

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