Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sisters Red

Sisters RedSisters Red by Jackson Pearce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sisters Red is one of the most fascinating stories that I’ve read recently. As we all know it is a retelling of “The little red riding hood” but I didn’t expect that the story will be a lot better. The story revolves around Scarlett and Rosie March, two sisters who had been a victim of a Fenris attack. Fenris is a werewolf who haunts and kills girls. Because of the attack, their grandma was killed and Scarlett protected Rosie from that attack, and she lost her eye and scarred her face as a result. And after that Scarlett and Rosie became great werewolf slayers, but Rosie lacks the passion that Scarlett has. Silas Reynolds played a role in the story that I never expected. And I adore Silas and Rosie budding romance, just right and sweet.

I really enjoyed reading Sisters Red, a simple story yet enchanting. I love the plot and the characters. The twist in the story is astounding. It is an action packed story that will leave you breathless. And I am really satisfied in the ending, just right. This is my first Jackson Pearce novel and I can’t wait to read her other work.

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