Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fallen Angel

Fallen AngelFallen Angel by Heather Terrell

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Initial reaction after reading: hmm… not bad but I don’t like it that much.

I admit I really do love paranormal genre especially any story that involves angels/fallen angels. So when I see Fallen Angel in the bookstore, I picked it up even though I haven’t heard much about it. I am pretty much excited to read it too.

Now about the story plot, it’s just the basic and simple story about a girl (Ellie) who is an outcast but she has no idea that she is special. Then a new, hot student (Michael) got interested with her. Now she realizes that she has powers beyond her imagination. That both Ellie and Michael shares those powers. And then they found out that their parents are keeping secrets from them. And soon they will learn that someone “bad” wants something from them, that they will play a bigger role/part on doomsday. Sounds typical right?

Honestly, even though I’ve read so many books that generally have the same plot, I still love reading them. And I don’t have problem with Fallen Angel story. Actually the plot has a potential to be a good one. My main concern on this is how it was written. The characters are not well developed; the romance aspect seems so awkward and fell flat to me. And the writing has no sparks or life. The ending is just terrible. Actually it is not really that bad, but for me it is just lame. So all in all, this book is slightly an ok read.

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