Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wake Unto Me

Wake Unto MeWake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wake Unto Me is a story of an ordinary girl (Caitlyn) who is having a freakish nightmare. She wanted something different in her life so when she received an invitation/scholarship to study in a French boarding school, she immediately jump in to the idea. There she discovered a lot about herself and the mysteries surrounding her dreams. She met a very gorgeous guy Raphael, who haunts her in her dreams. And of course, they fell in love. Instalove should I say. And also somehow she discovered that she is a lot special than what she thought she is. Sounds familiar right?

Well although the plot of this story is too similar with the other paranormal/fantasy genre books that I’ve read, I still kind of like reading it, but just a little bit. Be warned that this is definitely a slow paced book. I think that the story only got interesting when I reached the final 100 pages. I nearly gave up on this, but in the end I decided to just finish reading it and be done with it.

Now the writing style is pretty ok, I like the historical aspects of the story. She did in fact incorporate the info about The Knights Templar and the missing treasure in the story but I don’t think it was explored well. I need more details, but sadly it was not delivered. It is a pretty well wrapped-up but found the ending a little bit rushed and too conventional. It was like she did that just to have a happy ending but I found it awkward and unrealistic. Though I must admit that I am pretty much surprised about the mysteries of Caitlyn’s life when it was finally revealed, I sure didn’t expect that.

If you want a paranormal, ghost story with a touch of history, go ahead and give it a try.

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