Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gone (Wake 3)

Gone  (Dream Catcher, #3)Gone by Lisa McMann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I didn’t do any reviews on the first two books in the series, Wake and Fade, because I don’t know how to. I mean, those books are really good but the complexity of Janie’s world made it harder for me to express my thoughts. Let’s just say that words are not enough.

Gone is very very different compared to Wake and Fade. Wake gave us a glimpsed of Janie’s life while Fade showed us the uses, advantages and disadvantages of Janie’s unique ability. Wake is an ok book but I really love Fade so I am expecting a lot from Gone. And sadly, it failed to impress me.

Janie’s attitude here bothered me a lot. She became selfish and self-centered. I know that her world and life is so complicated and I tried to understand her but I simply can’t. Her situation is getting worse and the burden of her ability is just too much, but did she need to act like that? I feel bad for Cabel who always tried to make her happy and understand her, but what did he get in return from Janie? Oh well…

The story about her father surprised me but I kind of predicted the revelations already before Janie did. Sad that they weren’t able to meet and talk personally, I preferred it rather than having conversations in a “dream”.

I’m still not sure of how I feel about this book, all I know is that the ending may not be the one that I’m expecting but I think it is the perfect way to end it. A very realistic one.

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