Friday, November 25, 2011


Eve (The Eve Trilogy, #1)Eve by Anna Carey

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

rating: 2.5 stars

Eve is one of the 2011 book released that I am so excited to read. One of the most talked about books for this year so when it was available I immediately grabbed a copy. So definitely I am expecting a lot from this one, but after reading it I was utterly disappointed. What a letdown!

As a dystopian story, its story is very interesting. I love the idea of it, a plague taking down the life of the people resulting to a mass panic; I think that is very realistic. But there is still some missing information that I need an answer. Why there is a plague? Why some are affected and some are not? I think that is one of the critical points in every dystopian story. And why the King is so obsessed with Eve, I know the answer was already told in the book but for me it is not convincing enough.

Eve is a very weak character; I do understand her na├»ve attitude towards some things because she was informed falsely. But being callow in everything is just too much. She is too immature and sometimes a stuck-up bitch. I sometimes wanted to shake her real hard. I really like Arden ; she has this fierceness in a character that I am looking for. It is understandable because she needs to survive. If only Eve has a little of Arden’s ferocity, I will like her a little more. Caleb is not very impressive; to be honest I am not even looking forward in reading him.

Eve is not a bad book, it is just the way it was executed is not exactly I am looking for. I got bored, simply there is nothing going on in the story. It is just plainly dull, but the story has a potential to be good if only the author will enhance her character and the story plot more. And the ending, I’d rather not talk about it because it will just ruin my day. I totally don’t hate this book, but reading the second book will need a lot to convince me. Or maybe I will still get a copy of it mainly because of the book cover.

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