Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweep: Volume 1

Sweep, Volume 1: (Book of Shadows; The Coven; Blood Witch)Sweep, Volume 1: by Cate Tiernan

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This is a bind-up version of sweep series. 1) Book of Shadows; 2) The Coven; 3) Blood Witch

I am surprised that I was able to finish this book. It took me 5 days to read it and it is so frustrating because I endured reading that long and yet the book did not get any better. I think the writing is too juvenile. Hate the characters… Morgan is so annoying, and sometimes selfish. Cal is arrogant and I did not like him at all. Mostly the characters are too childish and irritating.

I think the plot has a lot of potential, the Wicca stuff is good and the mystery involved with it. However it is not executed properly. There are no good explanations about the Wicca stuff. Or it was not explained further. I found it weird when Cal invited them into a party and then out of the blue he decided to perform the ritual. WTF??? Just like that? No reasons or explanations about that stuff and the kids just jump in with the idea. Are they that stupid? I don’t know but I find it to weird for my standards. Reading this book is like I’m reading a Cult forming. With that nonstop Wicca ritual and stuffs. The books are short and I’m kind of expecting it to get better after the second book. The third book really frustrates me. There is no development in the plot, yeah Morgan discovers something about her past but I don’t think it suffice the need for good plot development.

I completely wasted my time reading this book. Heard so many great things about it but I am not one of those who love this series. The only good thing about it though, I bought it a bind up book so I only paid it for the price of one.

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